Specialized in high quality products for the shipping (seagoing vessels, inland vessels, yachts) and shipbuilding sector

Our Products

- Jetlaser

The best alternative for different blasting techniques
Products4Ships, the official Jetlaser-Agent for The Netherlands

- Aluminium gangways

Aluminium gangways for the Inland Shipping, the BOAC D-serie
Aluminium gangways for the Seagoing Shipping, the BOAC SV- and S-serie
Customized gangways

Customized aluminium products

Workplatforms, railings and bulwark stairs

High qualified ball valves and butterfly valves

Made of various steel, bronze and aluminum alloy as well as graphite, glass fiber reinforced vinyl ester and epoxy


Especially developed to disassamble stuck and corroded nuts, bolts, shafts, bearings and similar products
The ultimate tool for flameless heating
Products4Ships is also the official iDuctor distributor for Singapore
Products4Ships 4JET Jetlaser lasercleaning
The JETLASER, cleaning by lasertechnology, the innovation in the world of removing corrosion, dirt, grease and coatings
Products4Ships aluminium gangways
Aluminium gangways specially designed for the inland shipping and seagoing vessels Customized gangways
Products4Ships EBRO butterfly valves
A wide product range of high quality butterfly valves, actuators and automation technology
Products4Ships NIL-COR valves
Graphite and fiberglas reinforced composite, strong and corrosion resistance, ball valves, butterfly valves and check valves
Products4Ships iDuctor
The iDuctor, the ultimate precision flameless heating tool by inductiontechnology

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